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Worker with Ladder

Safety First!

How to use an orchard ladder safely?

Check the VIDEO!


  • If you are uncomfortable climbing a ladder, please don’t climb it. You can pick the low fruit, clean up the fallen fruit, or help sort and weigh the harvest.

  • Make sure ladders are stable and secure before climbing up. Be particularly careful on a slope or on soft ground. If in doubt, ask someone to hold the ladder while you are on it.

  • Orchard ladders are not designed for use on hard surfaces like driveways or sidewalks. Use a regular ladder for those areas.

  • Don’t overreach. The fruit is not worth risking a fall. Get down and move the ladder if you need to.

  • Be conscious of other hazards such as pokey branches, holes in the ground, or tree stumps sticking up.

  • Please ensure kids take part safely and respectfully – no running or yelling in consideration of homeowners and their neighbors.

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