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Apples in a Crate

Gleaning Abundance

Apples in a Crate
Thank you Prince George!
about the program

The Gleaning Abundance Program (GAP) connects fruit tree owners with volunteer gleaners to: 

  • Prevent food waste

  • Improve bear and community safety by removing bear attractants

  • Improve food security by storing the autumn bounty for the winter months

  • Foster a community that works together 

What you get as a tree owner:

  • Your tree is cleaned up

  • We will give you up to ⅓ of your fruit

  • Your yard is safer without bear attractants

  • The satisfaction of:

    •  reducing waste

    • contributing to local food security

    • contributing to bear and community safety

What you get as a gleaning volunteer: 

  • Improved food security: Gleaners share up to ⅓ of the gleaned fruit among themselves

  • The satisfaction of: 

    • reducing waste 

    • contributing to local food security 

    • contributing to bear and community awareness

  • Build community

What the community gets: 

  • Improved food security 

  • Waste prevention

  • Bear protection through the removal of attractant 

  • A safer community

  • A more connected community

As much of the fruit as possible is processed into sauces, jams, and juices by the Canning Circle of the Everyone At the Table Collective (EAT) and other community kitchens and shared amongst volunteer programs and people in need. The Canning Circle already established the sharing network over a year in partnership with The Salvation Army Food Rescue Program, processing food that is shared with programs like Baby's New Beginnings, Knights Inn, Positive Living North, the Firepit, New Hope, and UNDU (Uniting Northern Drug Users UNDU’ing stigma).  

The GAP is an initiative of the Everyone At the Table (EAT) collective in partnership with the Recycling & Environmental Action Planning Society (REAPS) and Eco Living Community (ELC). The GAP aims to complement and partner with existing initiatives like the Northern Bear Awareness Society (NBAS) and the Northern Lights Estate Winery. Thus, excedent harvesting will be given to the Northern Lights Estate Winery and local farmers for animal feeding, as the Northern Bear Awareness Society has successfully done for a few years. In return, the winery donates money to support the Northern Bear Awareness Society in Prince George and the Northern Lights Wildlife Society in Smithers.

EAT:                                                  Contact us at:

REAPS:                                                                         +1 250 561 7327

ELC:                                                               Email:

NBAS:                                                Join us!


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There was so much demand for this service that we have already run out of funded hours!  

🍎 If you are contacting us to volunteer, yeah! We will do our best to match you with the tree owners who are continuing to contact us. Follow this link to register with us: 

🍎 If you are contacting us to glean your tree, we will do our best to match you with volunteers but we encourage you to exercise the following options:   

🍎 Connect with people who might want your fruit on the  Northern Bear Awareness Society Fruit Exchange Facebook Page   

🍎 Pick your apples and drop them off at the  Northern Lights Estate Winery to feed farm animals. Bins have been set up outside and you can drop off 24/7 at  745 Prince George Pulpmill Rd  

🍎 Hire the DART team to pick your apples and take them away DART: 250 563 6311

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