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Our Event

This event is an additional step towards creating a homegrown food system in Prince George. Building off of the shoulders of many local food advocates and food producers, our aim is to hear your voice on matters of local food production, and on what you would like to see happen in our community food landscape.

When: Thursday

May 27th/2021 

@ 12-1:30pm 





If COVID-19 taught us anything, it showed how fragile our food system is.

Many of us are coming out of the fear and paralysis that motivated the panicked buy of a year ago, and has made us determined to find new ways to be more independent of a global system and subject to shocks we can do nothing about.

Many of us are much more interested in a shop at home approach.

If we can find closer to home solutions we need to come together and figure out all the ways, big and small, that could make a difference. From teaching children to plant potatoes in the school yard to investing in local farmers’ crops. 

Developing a community driven vision into a community operation where we have a range of options and actions, will need all of the talents and skills we can muster to be successful.

If this mission interests you, then join us. On  May 27th 12-1:30pm where we will host an online facilitated gathering to get ideas on the table. Please join us online on zoom (link above)

Outcomes: We aim to have a draft for a local food community strategy to bring to city council and present to funding opportunities, and perhaps the journey towards food independence…


If you can’t make the meeting – worry not –

there is a survey where you can submit your ideas. 

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